It is estimated that approximately 31 million Americans suffer from back pain caused by a number of conditions, including facet joint pain, degenerative disc disease, spondylosis and bulging or herniated discs. When back pain becomes chronic and affects a patient’s daily life, a back pain treatment must be utilized to alleviate pain. OPTIMAL Pain & Regenerative Medicine® offers stem cell spinal injections to chronic back pain sufferers in the Dallas, Arlington and Fort Worth, Texas communities.

Anatomy of the Spine

The spine is composed of 33 individual bones, otherwise known as vertebra, that are stacked one of top of another. A system of muscles and ligaments connect the bones and create the spinal column, keeping the spine in proper alignment. Protected inside the spinal column, the spinal cord connects the brain to the body, allowing movement of the extremities.

The vertebras are separated in the front by discs and by facets in the back. Each individual vertebra has two sets of facet joints, one facing upward and one facing downward. There is a disc located between each vertebra that acts like a shock absorber while the body is in motion.

What Conditions are Treated with Stem Cell Spinal Injections?

Patients can experience back pain from a number of conditions that cause wear and tear on the spinal anatomy. Autologous (own) stem cell spinal injections are a safe stem cell alternative to back surgery in patients who have not responded to traditional treatment options. Autologous stem cells can help treat:

  • Facet joint pain
  • Sacroiliac joint pain
  • Degenerative disc disease
  • Spondylosis

Patient Story


Terry White’s Recovery From Long Term Back Pain

Terry White thought that spinal fusion surgery was the only only hope he had to live a pain free life. Read how Terry was able to avoid surgery and get his life back through stem cell spinal injections.

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How are Stem Cells an Alternative to Back Surgery?

Autologous stem cell spinal injections are a non-invasive back pain treatment used to treat chronic back pain. Autologous stem cells, or adult stem cells, can help the body regenerate and heal without the use of unethical embryonic or fetal stem cells. Autologous stem cells are extracted from a patient’s body, typically from bone marrow found in the hip area.

Autologous stem cell spinal injections offer an effective stem cell alternative to back surgery for patients. For the procedure, a patient will first have the stem cells collected from the bone marrow. The bone marrow is then circulated in a special machine called a centrifuge to separate the marrow into various parts, including autologous stem cells, platelets and white blood cells. The combination is then injected into the patient’s injured area to promote healing and regeneration.

Many patients suffering from chronic back pain feel the only back pain treatment available is surgery. Autologous stem cell spinal injections offer an effective stem cell alternative to back surgery without the risk of surgery, rejection or disease transmission.

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