Knee pain affects millions of Americans and can become so severe that the pain limits sporting activities, work productivity and daily activities. When a patient’s ability to live happily is hindered by severe, chronic knee pain, painful knee surgery or knee replacement surgery may be recommended by a physician. A stem cell knee injection treatment is now available to patients who want to postpone knee surgery. In certain patients, stem cell knee therapy cost is more beneficial than a surgery and rehabilitation program. OPTIMAL Pain & Regenerative Medicine®’s board-certified physicians are leading providers in the Dallas, Arlington and Fort Worth, Texas area in treating knee pain with autologous stem cell therapy techniques.

What is a Stem Cell Knee Injection?

An autologous stem cell knee injection is a non-invasive knee treatment used to treat chronic pain in patients suffering from ligament injuries, tendon injuries, fractures and degenerative joint disorders, such as osteoarthritis. Autologous stem cells are harvested from a patient’s own body and have the natural ability to help a damaged area heal. Since the stem cells used for stem cell knee injections are extracted directly from a patient’s hip area, patients do not experience risk factors like the ones present with the use of highly controversial embryonic stem cells.

A stem cell knee injection requires a sample of bone marrow to be removed from the patient’s own body. After the bone marrow is harvested, the sample is spun in a special machine called a centrifuge to separate a combination of pluripotent stem cells, platelets and white blood cells. The combination is then injected into the damaged knee area to regenerate and promote healing.

Concerned about Stem Cell Knee Therapy Cost?

When traditional knee repair options, such as weight loss, pain medication and physical therapy, do not alleviate chronic knee pain, some physicians may recommend a knee surgery or knee replacement surgery. Surgery is not always a viable option for all patients. In these cases, a stem cell knee injection may prove to be a beneficial treatment option.

Some patients may be concerned about stem cell knee therapy cost and effectiveness. The physicians at OPTIMAL Pain & Regenerative Medicine® are highly trained and experienced at stem cell knee injections. Patients do not need to worry about getting a treatment that is not needed or beneficial to his/hers healing process.

Our physicians follow a strict protocol to ensure a patient is a good candidate and will benefit from the autologous stem cell injection therapy. These protocols include:

  • Stem cells must be harvested from the correct location in a patient’s body
  • Stem cells that are toxic or killed off by prolotherapy will never be used
  • Stem cells must be highly concentrated for maximum benefit
  • Stem cells must be injected under imaging guidance into the correct affected areas

When these protocols are followed, stem cell knee injections are highly effective in many patients. The postponement of a painful knee surgery and long rehabilitation process is often a key benefit of autologous stem cell therapy and offsets stem cell knee therapy cost.

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