OPTIMAL Pain & Regenerative Medicine® Bring BMAC Stem Cell Like Therapy to the DFW Area

OPTIMAL Pain & Regenerative Medicine® is now offering bone marrow aspirate concentrate (BMAC) stem cell like therapy to patients living in the and Arlington, Ft. Worth and other DFW communities. BMAC stem cell like therapy helps accelerate the healing process of a variety of acute and chronic injuries.

A significant portion of the bodies’ stem cells are found in human bone marrow. BMAC contains growth and healing factors similar to what is found in platelet-rich-plasma plus an additional concentration of ‘pluripotent’ stem-like cells, which further contribute to the regenerative process.

What Conditions Can be Treated with BMAC Stem Cell Like Therapy?

  • Bone fractures (delayed union or nonunion bone fractures)

  • Cartilage defects

  • Osteonecrosis

  • Chronic tendon injuries

What is the BMAC Procedure?

Typically done under sedation or general anesthesia, a needle is used to remove the bone marrow from within your bone. For most patients, the marrow will be extracted from the hip region, but can also be taken from other sites on the body. A hollow needle is inserted into the bone and a syringe is used to withdraw the bone marrow. After the bone marrow has been collected, the needle is removed and pressure is applied to subside any bleeding. A small dressing is then applied.

Once the bone marrow has been removed, the sample of bone marrow is then spun in a centrifuge to separate the platelets, white blood cells and serum from red blood cells. The platelets, white blood cells and stem cells are concentrated together composing the bone marrow aspirate stem cell mixture.

The skin and soft tissue of the injured area is anesthetized with local anesthesia. Those BMAC cells are then injected directly back into the injured area. Depending on the size of the injured area, one or several needle injections are inserted to optimize placement of the BMAC regenerative treatment.

What Should I Expect After the BMAC Stem Cell Like Procedure?

Following your BMAC stem cell like therapy you will feel soreness around the site of injury. This soreness is a positive sign that that healing response has started. This effect can last for several days and gradually decreases as the healing process progresses. You will be allowed to resume normal daily activities and light exercise following your BMAC stem cell like injections. We recommend refraining from high level exercising for several days after your treatment.

In most cases, it is acceptable to use over-the-counter pain medication that does not have anti-inflammatory properties, to control discomfort as needed. Other pain management options can also be discussed.

Are BMAC Injections Safe?

Research and clinical data shows that BMAC stem cell like injections are extremely safe with minimal risk or adverse reaction or complication. Since the injection is produced from your own bone marrow, there is no concern for rejection or disease transmission.

How Can I Get Started?

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