What is sacroiliac (SI) joint pain?

The sacroiliac or SI joints link the pelvis and the lower spine. These joints are made up of the sacrum (bony structure above the tailbone, below the lower vertebra) and the top part of the ilium (pelvis). The sacroiliac joints act as a shock absorber between the upper body and the pelvis and legs. Sacroiliac pain is felt in the lower back and buttocks and is usually the result of injury or damage to the joint.

What is SI joint dysfunction?

When a person is walking, the sacroiliac joints have a small, limited range of motion which provides stability. When one or both of the SI joints have an irregular, or flawed movement, it can result in SI joint pain and SI joint dysfunction. The most common symptoms of SI joint dysfunction are:

  • Pain, numbness, tingling or weakness in the lower extremities
  • Pelvis and/or buttock pain
  • Feeling of leg instability
  • Inability to sit for long periods of time
  • Difficulty moving from sitting to standing

What is the PsiF – Posterior Sacroiliac Fusion SYSTEM™?

Like other joints in the body, the sacroiliac joint can degenerate and cause significant back, buttock and leg pain. The PsiF or Posterior Sacroiliac Fusion System is a medical device used to treat SI joint dysfunction and SI joint pain. The specialized allograft implant is used to fuse the SI joint, giving it stabilization, and ending SI joint pain.

What makes the PsiF – Posterior Sacroiliac Fusion System special?

Our surgical specialists at Optimal Pain and Regenerative medicine use the PsiF system to treat patients who have SI dysfunction. We like the system because:

  • It is a one-size structural allograft implant (8x10x25mm) (Allograft means tissue taken from a donor – in this case it is an implant made of donor bone material.)
  • Can be done with the posterior approach (makes accessing the joint easier)
  • Only requires 2 unilateral implants instead of 3
  • Tapered nose design allows for easy insertion
  • Instrumentation makes it reliable for reproducible results

Is the PsiF – Posterior Sacroiliac Fusion SYSTEM™ the best solution for my SI pain?

The PsiF – Posterior Sacroiliac Fusion system has a high rate of success in decreasing SI pain. 77% to 85% experienced reduced pain and another 59% to 74% experienced improved mobility. At Optimal Pain & Regenerative Medicine®, we are happy to discuss your treatment options and what will work best for your specific area of pain and diagnosis.

You can learn more about the PsiF System here: PsiF – Posterior Sacroiliac Fusion SYSTEM™,

For more information on PsiF – Posterior Sacroiliac Fusion SYSTEM™, or on how we can help you with your lower back pain or SI fusion, please contact the offices of Optimal Pain & Regenerative Medicine® serving Dallas, Fort Worth and Arlington, Texas area.