What is Disc-FX by Elliquence

The Disc-FX® System is a minimally invasive system used to access a damaged disc in the spine without injuring surrounding tissue, nerves or disc anatomy. The Disc-FX®System allows the specialists at Optimal Pain & Regenerative Medicine® multiple treatment options compared to other “single-treatment” devices available. Disc-FX® features a patented navigational device called Trigger-Flex® Bipolar System which was specially designed to access and treat the diseased portion(s) of the disc. The Trigger-Flex® emits a specific form of radio-wave energy which produces an effect on the “pain generating” portions of the disc and alters it to be less painful.

What does the Disc-FX® System Treat?

The Disc-FX treats, primarily contained disc herniations (a disc that is causing pain, but has not yet ruptured or extruded) or disc bulges with annular tears in the disc. In the past, patients who had a bulging disc with annular tears or contained disc herniation were treated with conservative care, since surgical treatment was a fusion with only a 40-50% success rate.  Non-operative treatment included rest, medication, epidural injections and physical therapy. However, non-surgical treatment options may not always provide long term pain relief. Individuals were forced to live with the symptoms or consider major spine surgery. The Disc-FX system provides an option for those people who have failed conservative care and are not ready for major spine fusion surgery.

What is the procedure for the Disc-FX System?

The Disc-FX is a minimal access procedure performed on an out-patient basis and the patient can go home the same day, with just a small bandage on their back.

Disc-FX® is done using live fluoroscopic x-ray guidance to accurately place the Disc-FX® System into the disc. The patented Disc-FX® device is then inserted into the center of the disc where tissue is precisely treated and/or removed using endoscopic assistance along with fluoroscopy. As a result, disc pressure is reduced, and the posterior annular fibers are sealed using internal disc heating which eases symptoms and pain.

Who is a candidate for the Disc-FX procedure?

The specialists at Optimal Pain & Regenerative Medicine® can help you understand your treatment options and determine if you are a candidate for the Disc-FX system.  Typical candidates are:

  • Patients who have a painful, but still contained lumbar disc herniation
  • Patients with small disc bulges and annular tears in the disc
  • Patients who have not responded to conservative treatment
  • Lower back pain or pain radiating down the leg

Disc-FX is not beneficial for spinal fractures or degenerative disc disease.

What are the potential benefits of the Disc-FX® procedure?

  • It is a minimal access procedure, that is done as an outpatient
  • Small skin incision, no need for stitches
  • Does not take long to perform the procedure
  • Done using sedation with local anesthesia
  • Targeted access to the damaged disc
  • Can treat multiple disc levels
  • Early return to normal activities

To learn more about Disc-FX you may download the Patient-Brochure-DiscFX

For more information on the DISC-FX System by Elliquence, or to see if you are a candidate for the DISC-FX system, or if you need information on how we can help with your back pain or disc problems, please contact the offices of Optimal Pain & Regenerative Medicine® serving Dallas, Fort Worth and Arlington, Texas area.