A spinal fracture is quite common and can cause back pain, back swelling, and disability. Unfortunately, some patients with one fracture experience multiple fractures causing the spine to tilt, which can make it difficult to eat, breathe, and sleep. With the help of OPTIMAL Pain & Regenerative Medicine®, patients living in the Ft. Worth, Arlington and Dallas, Texas area can get relief with the balloon kyphoplasty procedure.

What is Balloon Kyphoplasty?

Balloon kyphoplasty is a minimally invasive procedure used to treat a spinal fracture caused by osteoporosis, menopause, or other health conditions.

Balloon kyphoplasty utilizes small orthopedic balloons that are guided into the vertebral body, and then inflated to raise the collapsed vertebral body and return to its correct position. Once the vertebral body is in place, the balloons are deflated and removed. The cavity is then filled with a thick bone cement to stabilize the spinal fracture.

Before the procedure, patients will have a medical exam and undergo diagnostic tests to determine the exact location of the spinal fracture. Patients in the Dallas, Texas area can expect the procedure to take approximately one hour per fracture level. The procedure can be done on an inpatient or outpatient basis, depending on particular health factors.

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Benefits of Balloon Kyphoplasty

Balloon kyphoplasty can reduce or eliminate back pain, restore body height, and improve spinal alignment in patients. In fact, many patients experience pain relief one week after the procedure. Many patients will also experience a shorter surgical time, shorter recovery time, and return to daily activities in a quick time frame.

What are the Risks Involved?

The complication rate of a balloon kyphoplasty procedure is relatively low, but complications can occur such as infection, stroke, heart attack, and embolism. The procedure is not for everyone.

Please contact one of our OPTIMAL Pain & Regenerative Medicine® physicians to discuss this minimally invasive procedure used to treat a spinal fracture to determine if you are a candidate.