Screenshot 2016-08-09 12.09.30Dr. Michael Phillips was the first physician in North Texas to perform the Abbott Dorsal Root Ganglion (DRG) Stimulation System, which delivers a form of spinal stimulation onto the dorsal root ganglion that treats specific areas of the body where pain occurs.

“What we are using the device for is for neurostimulation of the central nervous system to dorsal root which signals chronic pain,” said Dr. Phillips. “This makes those chemicals go away and replaces their chronic pain so they basically won’t hurt anymore in that area.”

“The procedure is done under light sedation using local anesthesia,” he said. “There are incisions that will need to heal which usually takes about two weeks. After about two to three months I don’t really have any limitations for the patient. They can go sky diving, scuba diving or whatever they want — they have the ability to do that again where before they were in so much pain and couldn’t do anything.”

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