What is the Aurora Spine ZIP ULTRA?

The ZIP ULTRA® is made by Aurora Spine and is a fixation implant for spinal fusion. The ZIP ULTRA® can be placed using a minimally invasive surgical technique which offers quicker healing times, less pain, and less chance for infection. It was developed as an alternative to pedicle screw fixation. (Pedicle screws were traditionally used to secure the vertebrae into a fixed position in conjunction with spinal fusion surgery.) The Zip Ultra eliminates the use of a set screw with its proprietary ZIP ONE-STEP® locking mechanism. The surgical specialists at Optimal Pain and Regeneration offer the ZIP ULTRA for patients requiring a spinal fusion in Dallas, Fort Worth and the Arlington Texas area.

Where is the ZIP ULTRA used?

The ZIP ULTRA implant was designed for stabilization and load sharing in the lower spine; T-1 to S-1, thoracolumbar (area of the spine between the stiff thoracic cage and the mobile lumbar spine) fusion procedures. There are different sizes of the ZIP ULTRA to accommodate different sized patients. Each implant has a large barrel designed for ZIP Graft® (Synthetic bone) or other bone material. It features an articulating spike design that gives it the ability to conform anatomically with 12° of articulation.

When is ZIP ULTRA used?

The ZIP Ultra implant was designed specifically for the following treatments:

Is the ZIP ULTRA FDA Approved?

The ZIP ULTRA gained FDA approval in April of 2014 for 35mm and 40mm sizes. Since then, Aurora has received additional FDA approval for the additional sizes of the ZIP ULTRA that they offer.

Will my insurance pay for ZIP ULTRA?

Most insurances will pay for a spinal fusion and the ZIP ULTRA device. However, insurances vary and it is best to contact your specific insurance to ask about your coverage. We can help you at Optimal Pain & Regenerative Medicine®, just give us a call today.

For more information on the Aurora ZIP ULTRA, or on how we can help with your back pain or spinal fusion, please contact the offices of Optimal Pain & Regenerative Medicine® serving Dallas, Fort Worth and Arlington, Texas area.