Innovative PRP Therapy and Stem Cell Injections for Residents of Southlake, TX

Southlake, Texas is a gorgeous city in the DFW Metroplex known for its wealth, amazing public school system and Carroll High School’s 8-time champion football and men’s swim and dive teams. The city offers residents an Athletics & Recreation Department, numerous parks and recreational facilities and a Senior Activity Center. No matter a resident’s age, there is an activity available to keep them active and outdoors enjoying the great North Texas weather. Unfortunately, active individuals are at a higher risk of experiencing a joint injury from a traumatic event or overuse. The pain specialists at OPTIMAL Pain & Regenerative Medicine are leaders in biologic treatment, including PRP therapy and stem cell injections.

Biologic Treatment Options for Active Southlake, TX Residents

Southlake, Texas is home to many active individuals of all ages, mainly because the city offers an array of recreational athletic activities as part of the Athletics & Recreation Department. There is an activity for every resident year round, whether it is an athletic league, fitness class, outdoor program or camp.

The city’s Parks & Facilities Department is known for its beautiful parks, preserved open spaces and recreational opportunities.

Southlake, Texas offers:

  • 1,100 park acres
  • 6 miles of trails
  • 21 lighted tennis courts
  • 73 practice and game fields
  • Senior Activity Center

Carroll High School and Carroll Sr. High School, both homes of the Dragons, are a very large part of the city’s culture. Carroll Athletics is most residents’ highest priority since the schools compete year after year at high levels in numerous sports, including football and men’s swim and dive.

With all of these activities, recreation areas and facilities available to residents of all ages, many Southlake residents experience a joint injury during the year. When traditional pain management treatments fail and surgery is not an option, OPTIMAL may recommend an innovative, non-surgical biologic treatment.

PRP Therapy

Platelet rich plasma (PRP) therapy merges the latest in medical technology with the body’s natural ability for accelerated healing. Platelets, one of the four main components of human blood, initiate tissue repair by releasing growth factors. These growth factors are a naturally occurring substance capable of stimulating cellular growth and accelerating the healing process in numerous soft tissue injuries.

Stem Cell Injections

Adult stem cell injections use a patient’s very own “pluripotent” stem cells, or placental tissues, and not embryonic or fetal stem cells in order to promote tissue regeneration and to accelerate healing after a soft tissue injury. Using this form of stem cell injections, OPTIMAL can produce similar healing results of embryonic stem cells but without the ethical concerns.

Any Southlake, Texas resident who has experienced a soft tissue injury and is searching for an innovative treatment option is encouraged to contact OPTIMAL Pain & Regenerative Medicine for more resources on PRP therapy and stem cell injections.

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