Midlothian, TX Injured Athletes may be Candidates for PRP Injections and BMAC Stem Cell Therapy

Midlothian, Texas is not only the hub for North Texas’ cement industry. It is also home to active residents of all ages, ranging from young high school athletes to older recreational athletes. Sports activities are a great way for individuals to remain healthy and active, but certain athletes may experience a sports injury during a traumatic event, or an overuse injury from repetitive motions. The double board certified physicians at the nearby office of OPTIMAL Pain & Regenerative Medicine® focus on treating sports injuries with traditional methods, as well as regenerative medicine options. The two forms of regenerative medicine offered at the practice include PRP injections and BMAC stem cell therapy.

Regenerative Medicine as a Treatment Option in Midlothian, TX Residents

Midlothian, Texas offers local residents a diverse recreational program for both youth and seniors. The city provides numerous parks and recreation areas so locals can walk, run, jog, bike and engage in organized sports throughout the year. There are also a number of youth sports associations for both boys and girls, including basketball, baseball, softball, football, soccer, wrestling, tennis and track organizations.

High school students are able to compete in a number of popular fall, winter and spring sports at Midlothian High School, home of the Panthers. The school’s athletic program is quite competitive and often seen in the 4A playoff bracket for baseball, soccer and football.

The Midlothian Senior Citizens Center offers a variety of recreational activities to adults over the age of 50 years. Some of the popular activities include field trips, visits to local parks, games and musical instruments.

Active individuals of all ages can experience a sports-related injury or overuse injury at any given time. The most common injuries include:

  • Chronic tendon injuries
  • Acute muscle injuries
  • Acute ligament injuries
  • Bone fractures

Regenerative medicine, available at OPTIMAL, is a non-surgical, safe and effective procedure that utilizes a patient’s own blood and bone marrow to alleviate painful injury symptoms and to help accelerate the body’s healing process. OPTIMAL offers PRP injections and BMAC stem cell therapy.

PRP Injections

Platelet rich plasma (PRP) injections merge technology with the body’s natural abilities for accelerated healing of a variety of conditions. Platelets, one of the four main components of human blood, initiate tissue repair by releasing growth factors. These growth factors are a naturally occurring substance capable of stimulating cellular growth and accelerating the healing process in soft tissue injuries.

BMAC Stem Cell Therapy

A significant portion of the body’s stem cells are found in human bone marrow. Bone marrow aspirate concentrate, BMAC stem cell therapy, contains growth and healing factors similar to what is found in platelet rich plasma plus an additional concentration of ‘pluripotent’ stem cells, which further contribute to the regenerative process.

If you live in the Midlothian, Texas area and would like more resources on PRP injections and BMAC stem cell therapy, please contact the office of OPTIMAL Pain & Regenerative Medicine®.