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Keller, Texas residents know the city as “successfully balancing big-city comforts with small-town charm.” Keller is mainly residential with a diverse age distribution. The city offers younger residents numerous youth sports leagues, while offering mature adults a Senior Activities Center. No matter the age of resident, an acute injury or age-related health condition can lead to ongoing pain and discomfort that affects everyday life. OPTIMAL Pain & Regenerative Medicine focuses on treating patients through pain management and biologic medicine in order to return them to a happy, healthy lifestyle.

Pain Management Clinic Treating All Ages of Residents of Keller, TX

The City of Keller, Texas features more than 300 acres of developed park land, 11 park sites and approximately 23 miles of bike and hike trails. The Parks and Recreation Department is also responsible for running The Keller Pointe, a popular aquatics and fitness facility.

With all of these parks, recreation areas and trails available to recreational athletes and “weekend warriors,” certain athletes will experience an injury. Common injuries vary by sport, but include knee ligament injuries, tendon injuries, muscle strains and sprains and bone fractures.

The older, more mature population of Keller is able to have fun and remain active at the Keller Senior Activities Center. The Center provides everyday social, educational and recreational activities to local residents, as well as over 25 special community events each year.

Research has proven that over half of older adults experience chronic pain on a daily basis. There are various changes that occur within the body as it ages that causes pain to develop. Several common changes include decreased energy and physical activity, changes in sleep patterns and degenerative changes within the joints. The physicians at OPTIMAL Pain & Regenerative Medicine are able to reduce chronic pain in older residents with the use of traditional techniques or new methods of biologic medicine.

Young, active residents of Keller, Texas have the ability to participate in youth sports leagues and/or a wide number of sports at Keller ISD. Keller is home to 12 intermediate/middle schools and five high schools, with the majority of schools providing a diverse athletic program.

Students love to play middle and high school sports in order to form lasting friendships, to compete against rival teams and to learn healthy eating and lifestyle skills. Unfortunately, sports injuries and overuse injuries are quite common in young athletes since the body is still growing.

OPTIMAL Pain & Regenerative Medicine specializes in these common pain management and biologic medicine techniques:

No matter a Keller, Texas residents’ age, the physicians at OPTIMAL Pain & Regenerative Medicine are able to diagnose and treat the condition. Please contact our office today for more details on our cutting-edge pain management and biologic medicine treatment options.

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