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Crowley, Texas is a smaller city located in both Tarrant and Johnson counties. The city began around 1848 when pioneers began farming the Deer Creek area. The settlement then moved approximately one mile west to the area of present-day Crowley. Today, the city is home to residents of all ages and families with and without children. With large population bases of children less than 18 years old and adults over 65 years old, residents of Crowley are no strangers to acute injuries and chronic health conditions. The pain doctors and regenerative medicine specialists at OPTIMAL Pain & Regenerative Medicine provide state-of-the-art biologic treatments, as well as pain management solutions, to individuals of all ages suffering from pain and overall discomfort.

Traditional Pain Management Techniques for Mature Residents of Crowley, TX

Many senior citizens are proud to call Crowley, Texas home. The city provides older residents with the Crowley Senior Center, which provides a place for social interaction, entertainment and relaxation. Popular activities at the Center include field trips, exercise programs, crafts, bingo and dominoes.

Even if senior citizens remain active and social and make healthy lifestyle choices, certain adults will still experience a chronic health condition as they continue to age. This is often caused by natural degeneration and other changes within the body. Some of the most common chronic conditions found in senior citizens include osteoarthritis, heart disease, cancer, Alzheimer’s disease, diabetes, osteoporosis, shingles, obesity and depression. Unfortunately, many of these conditions cause chronic pain and discomfort.

The pain doctors and regenerative medicine specialists at OPTIMAL Pain & Regenerative Medicine specialize in:

PRP Therapy and Adult Stem Cell Therapy in Younger Crowley, TX Athletes

Crowley, Texas has countless residents who enjoy remaining active year round by engaging in recreational sporting activities or competing in high school sports. Many high school students living in the city attend either North Crowley High School or Crowley High School. Both campuses provide a wide number of sporting activities for students during the fall, winter and spring semesters.

Sports injuries and overuse injuries affect millions of active individuals each year, no matter the age. When an injury seems beyond repair without surgery, PRP therapy and adult stem cell therapy may be the answer. Regenerative medicine is a safe, non-surgical procedure that utilizes a patient’s own blood and bone marrow to relieve pain and jump-start the healing process.

If you are a Crowley, Texas resident who has become injured on the sports field, or is suffering from a chronic health condition, please contact the pain doctors and regenerative medicine specialists at OPTIMAL Pain & Regenerative Medicine to discuss treatment options.

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