Neck Pain

Many people experience neck pain. In most cases, it is caused by poor posture, overuse or normal wear and tear. OPTIMAL Pain & Regenerative Medicine®, serving patients in the Arlington, Fort Worth and Dallas, Texas area, discusses some of the most common neck pain causes.

What You Need to Know About Neck Pain

Your neck, or cervical […]

Trigeminal Neuralgia

Trigeminal neuralgia is marked by inflammation of the trigeminal nerve, which sends branches to the forehead, cheek and lower jaw, and causes severe, stabbing pain in the lower face and jaw. Atypical trigeminal neuralgia shares a number of trigeminal neuralgia symptoms and is a form of the condition. OPTIMAL Pain & Regenerative Medicine®, located in […]


Angina, also called angina pectoris, is a condition characterized by reduced blood flow to the heart muscle, causing a wide range of chest pain. Angina is quite common and may be hard for patients to distinguish from indigestion and other simple causes of pain in the chest. Angina symptoms occur when the heart muscle does […]


Arachnoiditis is a term used to describe a condition caused by inflammation of the arachnoid. An arachnoid is one of the membranes that surround and protect the spinal cord nerves. Arachnoiditis causes a patient to experience numbness, tingling and burning pain in the legs and lower back, as well as possible muscle spasms, twitches and […]

Diabetic Peripheral Neuropathy

Peripheral neuropathy, known as diabetic peripheral neuropathy in patients with diabetes, is characterized as nerve damage to the peripheral nervous system. The most common complication of diabetes, peripheral neuropathy causes numbness, weakness and pain, most commonly seen in the hands and feet. OPTIMAL Pain & Regenerative Medicine® offers a number of pain management treatments for […]

Temporomandibular Joint Disorder

The temporomandibular joints, otherwise known as TMJ, are the jaw muscles and joints that allow the mouth to open and close. These joints are located on each side of the head and work together to allow speaking, swallowing and chewing, as well as moving the lower jaw backward, forward and side to side. Any issues […]

Cancer Pain

A patient diagnosed with cancer may not always have pain, but for those who experience cancer pain, it can change their quality of life. OPTIMAL Pain & Regenerative Medicine® is proud to assist patients living in the Fort Worth, Arlington and Dallas, Texas area with cancer pain management.

Types of Cancer Pain

The first step to cancer […]


Tailbone pain is located at the very bottom of the spine, right above the buttocks, and may have started after sitting on a hard bench or after a fall. Coccydynia, or tailbone pain, is not seen in many patients but can be a troublesome condition. OPTIMAL Pain & Regenerative Medicine® offers patients in the Dallas, […]

Peripheral Artery Disease

Peripheral artery disease, otherwise known as peripheral arterial disease, is a common condition caused by narrowing of the blood vessels outside of the heart. OPTIMAL Pain & Regenerative Medicine® is available to treat the common symptoms of peripheral artery disease, including pain and cramping in the leg, in patients living in the Dallas, Arlington and […]


A migraine is classified as a severe, painful headache that can cause pain for hours, even days. This common health condition affects approximately 36 million Americans. OPTIMAL Pain & Regenerative Medicine® can help patients living in the Dallas, Fort Worth and Arlington, Texas area find the proper migraine relief for the troublesome, often debilitating migraine […]

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