A bulging disc is more common than a herniated disc and is fairly common in both young adults and older individuals. Although bulging discs do not create an issue for some patients, other patients may experience chronic, debilitating pain. A biacuplasty is a bulging disc treatment available to Dallas, Fort Worth and Arlington, Texas patients at OPTIMAL Pain & Regenerative Medicine®.

What Causes a Bulging Disc?

A bulging disc is classified as a disc that simply bulges outside the space it normally occupies between the vertebras in the spine. Some discs bulge as part of the natural aging process. Other discs bulge as a result of an injury to the intervertebral disc such as overuse. Smoking tobacco has also been linked to disc damage.

As the disc bulges out from the vertebra and presses on the nerve, patients may experience pain, weakness and changes in bladder and bowel function. These symptoms may start slowly and worsen over time. If this occurs, a biacuplasty may be the ideal bulging disc treatment.

What is a Biacuplasty?

A biacuplasty is a bulging disc treatment option for patients suffering from chronic pain in the neck or back. This treatment is a minimally invasive procedure that offers long term relief to patients when other traditional treatment options such as rest, physical therapy and medication have failed.

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How Does Biacuplasty Work?

Biacuplasty uses an advanced type of radiofrequency (RF) energy to safely deactivate the nerves that are responsible for disc-related pain. This bulging disc treatment literally means “two-needle treatment of the disc.”

During the procedure, a physician will place two needles into the damaged disc guided by a special type of X-ray. The disc is then treated with gentle warming from the RF waves. This RF energy deactivates the nerve fibers in the bulging disc that sends pain signals to the brain. Biacuplasty may cause pain during the healing process. As pain decreases, patients can begin gentle exercise and extended periods of sitting and driving.

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