Pain Specialists Utilizing Biologic Medicine in Injured Benbrook, TX Residents

A suburb of Fort Worth, Benbrook, Texas is a small city with many active residents. The city’s Parks Department maintains approximately 1,100 total park acres that can be utilized by local residents for organized sports, running, walking and other recreational activities. Younger athletes also have the ability to compete in a variety of popular sports during the school year at Fort Worth ISD. No matter the activity, either work-related or recreational, Benbrook residents may become injured during their daily lives. The pain specialists at OPTIMAL Pain & Regenerative Medicine specialize in both traditional pain management techniques and biologic medicine in order to return individuals to an active, healthy lifestyle.

Pain Management and Regenerative Medicine Techniques Designed to Treat All Residents of Benbrook, TX

The City of Benbrook, Texas is responsible for maintaining the public park system, which currently has about 1,100 acres (including natural areas). The developed and undeveloped parks provide a fun, relaxing and easily accessible area for local residents to engage in recreational athletic activities. Remaining active throughout the year is extremely important to the overall health of the human body, but injuries can occur. Common sports injuries include muscle strains and sprains, ligament injuries, tendon injuries and bone fractures.

The older population of Benbrook, Texas is able to enjoy the Benbrook Senior Citizen Center. The Center provides senior citizens with planned activities and programs and opportunities to engage in recreational, educational and social interactions. Senior citizens are prone to numerous injuries and conditions because the body and all of its structures have aged and begun to degenerate. Some of the most common injuries and conditions that cause acute and chronic pain in older adults include arthritis, cancer, osteoporosis, diabetes, obesity and shingles.

Many high school athletes involved in one or more popular sporting activities each school year attend Western Hills High School. Because Benbrook is served by Fort Worth ISD, a large and diverse athletic program is available to all students. Popular sports include football, basketball, baseball, softball, volleyball, track and wrestling. All of these activities keep young athletes healthy and active, but their bodies are placed at an increased risk of sports injuries or overuse injuries since the body is still developing. Common sports injuries in young athletes include muscle sprains and strains, bone fractures and ligament injuries, while overuse injuries include tendonitis, bursitis and growth-related injuries.

The pain specialists at OPTIMAL Pain & Regenerative Medicine specialize in these pain management and biologic treatments:

If you live in the Benbrook, Texas area and have become injured and are experiencing acute or chronic pain, please contact the pain specialists and biologic medicine physicians at OPTIMAL Pain & Regenerative Medicine.

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