The partners at OPTIMAL Pain & Regenerative Medicine are pleased to bring new regenerative treatments to their patients in Arlington, Ft. Worth, Dallas and surrounding communities. BioBurst Rejuv, an umbilical cord blood-derived tissue allograft containing pluripotent stem cells and growth factors.  AmnioFix®, a composite amniotic tissue membrane that helps promote and accelerate healing for many acute and chronic injuries. Patients who have not seen an improvement in soft tissue injuries with more traditional pain management techniques, or who are trying to delay or eliminate joint replacement, now have more options with these innovative treatments.

Platelet rich plasma (PRP) treatment and bone marrow aspirate concentrate (BMAC) can help promote healing for many patients suffering from soft tissue injuries; however, as the body ages, it becomes more difficult to achieve tissue regeneration using its own pluripotent stem cells. For patients over the age of 60, a combination of PRP and tissue allografts containing pluripotent stem cells can help promote optimal tissue regeneration.

BioBurst Rejuv umbilical cord blood-derived tissue allografts containing pluripotent stem cells are a rich source of growth factors including collagen, elastin and fibronectin, which all help support tissue repair and regeneration. These pluripotent stem cells also provide anti-adhesive and anti-microbial properties that play an important role in treating soft tissue injuries. BioBurst Rejuv umbilical cord blood-derived tissue allografts meet and exceed the highest industry standards. These pluripotent stem cells are received after a childbirth from a healthy donor who has been pre-screened through an extensive medical review.

AmnioFix® is a new joint arthritis treatment that enhances soft tissue healing. While AmnioFix® is not considered a regenerative therapy, this treatment contains growth factors that have similar characteristics to placental tissues. These growth factors help reduce inflammation and scar tissue formation while promoting healing at the injection site. AmnioFix® is a viable treatment option for patients attempting to delay or eliminate joint replacement surgery.

To learn if you are a candidate for BioBurst Rejuv umbilical cord pluripotent stem cell therapy or AmnioFix® joint arthritis treatment, please call our office at 817-468-4343.

About OPTIMAL Pain & Regenerative Medicine

Regenerative medicine physicians Dr. Andrew Cottingham, Dr. Michael Phillips and Dr. Scott Berlin provide leading edge regenerative medicine options to patients in Arlington, Ft. Worth, Dallas and surrounding Texas communities who are suffering from acute and chronic pain. Each physician on the team is double board certified in anesthesiology and pain medicine and their collective expertise includes a full range of treatment options. No matter what your stage of life, OPTIMAL Pain & Regenerative Medicine delivers comprehensive, current and most importantly, compassionate medical care.

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